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Same Routine (Part 2)
By Donny Shankle

You may ask isn’t it ridiculous to continue doing more of the same and expect a different result? Isn’t that the definition of insanity? You’re right but here is where you have to draw the distinction. It is not doing more of the same. It is improving your ability to concentrate on the same routine over a long period of time. For an athlete, this means improving your ability to meditate on a single discipline and unlocking missed subtleties within the discipline to improve your skill level. Only amateurs miss the subtleties. The amount of concentration you can apply while meditating is a direct result of the amount of long-term practice you have put in. Let me give you an example using gym etiquette and how meditating on this correlates to a heightened sense of awareness experienced only by champions.

Good gym etiquette is not only for the weightlifters who are lifting. It is more for the lifters who are not lifting during their period of rest. Even at this time training your sense of awareness is taking place. Great weightlifters are in control of their platform both in training and competition. Even outside the gym this heightened sense of awareness remains. It’s your ability to always perceive what is around you using your non-visual senses as well as insights. As you practice this enough you can prepare to react in advance to your discipline’s requirements on a daily basis. For weightlifters this means completing the lift in your mind before it physically takes place or using visualization to increase the magnitude of your strength. This type of meditation is a deeper concentration moving you towards mastery and pushing your skill level towards excellence. In other words, by always respectfully paying attention to what is going on around you in the gym, you inadvertently improve your ability to concentrate on the same routine now and in the future. This same routine of course being weightlifting. Being able to do this keeps you from wasting any time in the gym.