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Support Structure
By Donny Shankle

Ever hear someone say, “I’d like to thank this person or that person”? These people are chosen because they are positive influences. They are good, honest, and encouraging. They are typically our closest friends and people we love. We admire them because they are genuine. We listen to them because we hold them in high esteem. They sit with us on curb sides and talk to us when we have failed. They remind us to “Finish Strong”. They are always there to cheer us on and help us any way they can. They tell us how much they want to be there when we win and how they will always be there when we lose. Champions surround themselves with this kind of support structure because within it lies strength. Nothing is owed. The relationships are not pretentious. These bonds may be short lived but the memories are etched in stone. New contests must be sought and more thanks will be given. No matter how much champions prowl through life, however, they never forget those who believed in them. When they compete they proudly bring all of that positive support. Lions after all travel in prides.