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Dream Big

The Dreamer
By Donny Shankle 

All of your greatest weightlifters dream big. From the time their goals entered their conscious, they took the steps to transfer those goals into their subconscious as dreams. Either by meditating on their own or with the help of visual aids like hanging posters of their favorite lifter in their gym or bedroom. Without dreaming about becoming a champion weightlifter, you lose important hours of the day which I consider to be focused training. Even while you sleep you can train. You can think about how the bar moves with you while you are awake and dream about how you will react to the bar while you are asleep.

If your dreams are full of scenarios which do not make sense or your dreams are not tied to what you are passionate about then ignore them. They mean nothing. The only dreams which matter are those that are closely tied to you competing and becoming a champion. How do we practice beneficial dreaming and stay focused even while we sleep?

There are more hours in the day than the hours you spend training. Thereby create order in your life. Let those things which you cannot control pass. Instead fill this time with envisioning yourself walking up to the bar and lifting it. Play out scenarios like pulling the bar just before the clock runs out or go even deeper and think about feeling the heartbeats of the audience. See the cloud of chalk rise from your hands as you walk up to the platform and smell the ammonia even when it isn’t there. Remember our discussion on the difference between focus and concentration? Concentrate or meditate on all of these little details especially before falling asleep and you will at some point dream about them. This is good training.

Of course, in order to dream like this you must love being strong. Without something in your life you love deeply, your dreams will only be nightmares.