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Sub Ex # 69

By Donny Shankle

If you are looking for some extra exercises to include in your training to improve your mobility try using the TRX. Here are a couple exercises I sometimes do both before and after training on those days my muscles feel like cardboard. The TRX is great because you can easily adjust the difficulty of the exercises by moving your feet. You can also move into each exercise smoothly saving you on time.

Chest Press: Start with the handles at you sides close to your armpits and from here press yourself up until your arms lock.

French Press: Start with the handles over your head and your arms locked. Bend at the elbow until the handles are behind your head keeping your elbows close to your ears. Feel your lats stretch and from here press yourself back into the start position.

Low Back Stretch: With the handles in front of you, lock your arms out and drop your hips as far back as possible. Let your legs bend a little. Your body should resemble a gymnastic pike position. Feel the muscles in your back stretch a few seconds and then bring your hips through.

Reverse Fly: Start with the handles in front of you and arms locked. Open your arms up until your hands are inline with your ears. Be sure to keep your arms straight.

Row: Start with the handles in front of you and your arms locked. From here pull yourself up keeping your elbows close to your sides.

Woodchoppers: Start with the handles against your chest. Let your hips fall to one side as the handles move up and away from you. Feel your back stretch and torso twist. From here, pull the handles back to your chest.

Peaks and Valleys: Set the handles about a foot from the floor with the tops of your feet in the loops. Start with your hips down on the ground in a prone position. The arms are locked resembling a lazy push up position. This is the valley. Bring your hips up into a piked position until you resemble a peak.

REPS: 10-20
DURATION: 5 -10 minutes
PLACEMENT IN TRAINING: Done both as a warm-up and cool down