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Sub Ex #10

Back Raise
By Donny Shankle

If I had to choose one subordinate exercise to include in my training it would be back raises. It’s a weightlifters go-to back exercise. Back raises should be done daily to strengthen the back. Performing back raises after training not only builds muscle and develops strength, but it also flushes the lower back with blood. Nutrient rich blood speeds the healing process of muscle breakdown. A couple sets of back raises immediately after heavy lifting will help you to keep free from injury. Alternate doing high repetition on the back raise with your bodyweight and heavy sets at lower repetition with a loaded bar. 

Adjust a GHD (glute ham developer) so that the pad allows you to bend comfortably at the hip. At the start, your face should be as close as possible to the support beam in the center. Relax and take in a deep breath. Raise your back up until it is parallel with your legs and you can see what is in front of you. If you are using a bar then at the start take a Snatch grip and pull the bar up to your upper back. Proceed to perform the exercise as I already mentioned. Use assistance if needed by having someone help you get the bar into place.

The prime movers for the back raise are the erector spinae and hamstrings. The abdominal muscles stabilize you, but the GHD machine will also be stabilizing you throughout the exercise. Raise the chest during each repetition the same way way you would keep your chest up when pulling from the floor.

Sets: 3-5
Advanced Way: Place a weighted bar across your upper back. You can also attach a resistance band to the front of the GHD machine and loop the other end around your neck. Performing it this way forces you to contract even harder at the top.
Duration: 5 -10 minutes
Placement In Training: At the end every day or every other day.