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Sore Muscles

Contrast Baths
By Donny Shankle

Immersing yourself in an ice bath followed by a warm bath and again in an ice bath flushes the body with blood. I use contrast baths when inflammation or muscle soreness is severe. The cold water compresses the blood vessels and the warm water opens them up. As you repeatedly go back and forth from warm to cold, the contrast bath acts like a pumping process to get rid of lactic build up in the muscle tissue. The cold bath should be approximately fifty five degrees Fahrenheit and the warm bath at a temperature hot enough you are comfortable with. The entire body should be completely submerged since you are using your entire body to lift the weight. Alternate fifteen minutes in each bath followed with ten minutes and a final five minutes. Contrast baths combined with massage and a low saturated fat diet will dramatically decrease inflammation and muscle soreness.