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On The Road

Training While Teaching
By Donny Shankle

This was supposed to be entitled Lifting On The Road but I changed the name to something I better understand. I figure if I have trouble writing something it must be because I am not versed in it. My experience with training while traveling revolves around teaching. Any training I have done while living on the road would make for a depressing segment in this book. There is no way to train well while living in your car bouncing from location to location.

I am reminded of a conversation at the kitchen table between myself and Coach Pendlay. Topic of discussion this day was what is more important: Eating well and training less? Or training well and eating less? I said eating well and training less would be better, but now I can see how that may not have been entirely true. I never had any improvements training on the road. I grew stronger when I was rooted like an old magnolia tree. Even when I was eating well (which is not the easiest thing to do on the road) I never improved if I didn’t have a place to train uninterrupted. Coach was half right where I was half wrong. The training is more important but only if it’s diligent training.

I have had the privilege of teaching as far north as Alaska, as far south as New Zealand, as remote as Guam, and as urban as Tokyo. Within teaching lies veiled happiness to your own training. If you happen to teach your own seminars one day, be prepared to lift for your audience. What’s a weightlifting seminar without seeing a weightlifter lift some big weights? Treat your seminars as control days. This will prepare you for actual competition and give you an advantage against your competitors. If you know you are scheduled to teach on a certain day then train for that day. A weightlifter’s demeanor is incomparable to any other athlete. Show that to your attendees. If I am right about this, which I am, let your lessons not only convey your expertise but also your passion.