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By Donny Shankle

Think of massage as maintenance. The same way a car needs maintenance on its engine to keep from breaking down, your muscles need regular maintenance likewise to keep from breaking down. As you train you will develop adhesions in the muscles which can prevent them from working properly. If I were to tie knots all along a rubber band it wouldn’t stretch completely. To get maximum stretch you need to loosen the knots and get rid of them. Your muscles will stretch and contract much better with some massage to get rid of those painful knots.

You can either perform self-myofascial (SMR) release using a foam roller or see a masseuse. A masseuse who is also a weightlifter or used to working on a weightlifters body will be your best bet. He or she knows where the adhesions are to break them up. To really get into the adhesions try combining dry needle with massage. Also, sitting in a sauna for twenty minutes before you get a massage will help your muscles to relax. The areas which typically need deep tissue work are the IT bands, rhomboids, lats, quads, and glutes. I recommend getting a massage from a masseuse once a month during your de-load week. Perform SMR daily. Especially around areas on your body which have gone through acute trauma.