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Pinch, Squeeze, Jump
By Donny Shankle

There are a few simple tests you can run to see how you are responding to training. These include a skin fold test, grip strength test, and vertical jump test. These simple measurements will give you some quantitative numbers to keep track with your monthly templates.

A body fat test should be given to adult weightlifters once every two weeks and using calipers is the easiest way to measure. There are a few ways to do this but I prefer the seven point skin fold caliper test for greater accuracy. This test is not hard to perform and it will show you whether or not you are building muscle.

Having a weightlifter squeeze your index and middle finger is an easy way to measure strength between training sessions. How strong you are is directly linked to your grip strength. If you are crushing the fingers of the person helping you with the test then you are adapting fine. However, if you are barely applying any pressure then you may consider resting or eating more.

The vertical jump test is another way to calculate the power in your legs. This test should be given weekly on the first day of the week you train. If you have measured a controlled vertical at say thirty six inches but you are now jumping thirty then you may consider finding more rest. Train diligently and evaluate your progress.