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Before The Sun Sets

The Fighter
By Donny Shankle

Use the days you train twice to build your aggression. Concentrate on making your lifts perfectly during your first training session and then do the same during second training but at heavier weights. The same way a fighter has a quiet but intimidating presence to him before a fight, your aura as a weightlifter is very similar. Puffed up fighters filled with a farrago of emotions only kid themselves. Fighters who step into the ring confident in their training exhibit class and are an intimidating presence.

Paint your aggression on the lifts and not on a canvas which doesn’t exist. There is no point in brushing the air with bright colors. Let the audience see your colorful fight against the bar. Let the confident fighter inside you live and then feel the strength flow through you. The great fighters evade and make fools of their opponents this way. One in fifty weightlifters fight this way and lifting this way is a product of the time spent studying, training and competing. Once you enter the ring or step on to the platform the time for passivity is through. This is not the time to recite poetry. You have to fight if you want to be the best because you are not the only one chasing that Olympic dream. You are not the only one working hard to make the one lift thousands if not millions will remember you for.

The weights will not be the only thing heavy on your shoulders. I don’t have to tell you life can be heavy. The earth, however, is still underneath you to plant your stance and fight. It will always be there and it will only be ripped out from underneath your feet if you choose to quit and lose your senses while you drift off in la la land. Fight for the personal record. Fight to improve. Gaining strength does not always come easy especially the strength required to win. Move fluid with the bar in the morning and get enraged in the afternoon. Then show the bar what kind of fighter you are before the sun sets.