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Tips For The Split Jerk

#7 - Give Equal Amounts Of Time
By Donny Shankle

This tip really applies to all the lifts but the Jerk benefits the most. The Jerk is sometimes given the least amount of training time or attention. This is because a typical training session for the weightlifter follows the same order as competition. Give equal amounts of both ME (maximum effort) and consistent training time for the Jerk while training it independently from the Clean at least once a week. During the time you prioritize the Jerk (meaning training it first with the greatest amount of energy), the majority of your concentration should be on making the Jerk precise. Use this time to put more repetition in. This isn’t to say you should never train the Jerk to ME separately from the Clean. Just be aware of the energy you are expending. 

The easiest way to give all of your lifts equal amounts of attention aside from using the priority principle is to utilize the clock. Instead of getting caught up in training counting sets and reps, monitor the clock. The best weightlifters train this way. I have even heard stories of champion weightlifters who did not have a clock on hand and instead watched incense burn during training. However much the stick burned during their time Snatching is how much the stick burned during their time Clean and Jerking. The same implementation of time used applies if you are training the Jerk separately. For example, if I have just spent twenty five minutes Snatching I want to spend at least twenty five minutes Jerking. Even more time should be given to the Clean and Jerk since this lift takes longer to complete.