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Top Block

Stacking The Top Block
By Donny Shankle

A cheap but effective way to build your lifting blocks strong is to stack the top block. Stacking means placing the boards you are using side by side. A row of boards lined up this way turns cheap wood into a strong surface to drop even the heaviest of weights on. This is where stacking boards comes in handy. As you keep getting stronger, you are going to need stronger pulling blocks and Jerk blocks. Here is how you put them together.

All of your bottom blocks or frame are built basically the same. The frame is high enough for you to pull or Jerk from and it’s puzzled in with some reinforcing boards drilled in from the sides. How many reinforcing boards you use depends on how long you have made your lifting blocks. The important piece I want to mention is the top block since this is the principal block the weights are returning to. Cut approximately twenty two 2x4’s (or as many as you need to fit along your supporting frame) and two 2x6’s to act as anchors. All of these boards are going to be cut to the width of your frame or for this example twenty inches. Now the time consuming part is drilling a hole large enough for a 3/4in. threaded rod to slide through in the exact same spot on each board so they line up perfectly. The best way to do this is to measure away from the center a quarter of the entire boards length (5in. in this example) and drill a hole on each side. Slide the threaded rod all the way through each board until you have just a little bit extending on each end. Put a washer on each side of the two rods running through and tighten everything with nuts. The 2x6 boards should be positioned towards the ends of each top block. The extra two inches should extend on the bottom side and a 2x2 piece cut from each corner so they slide into your frame perfectly. Drill a one inch board along the top along with a piece of thick rubber to cover everything. This will help to help muffle the sound as you drop your weights. Finish each block off by drilling another small length of board at the ends to act as a safety lip. This will keep your weights from rolling off.

Having your 2x4’s stacked this way makes them very strong. Once you stack your top block you will rarely if ever need to replace your blocks. This stacking method can also be used to make your lifting platforms.