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Drink Water

Training In Humidity
By Donny Shankle

Climate can have a decided effect on your training if you are not acclimated to it. Training in high humidity for example can quickly zap your strength and disorient your nervous system. It’s very important in this type of climate to replenish the body’s minerals and water soluble vitamins which get lost through perspiration. Putting an effervescent vitamin and mineral tablet in your water during training is a good start. I am constantly drinking Berroca (even when it’s not humid) which is full of B and C vitamins to keep my energy levels up.

You can also adjust your training times during the day. Try to train in the cooler hours of the day if you can. I realize this is not the best option since the cooler hours may be too early in the morning for most people. There is something else you can do which I learned training during summer in the Carolinas. Pay more attention to your rest time in between exercises. When it’s really humid in the gym, train one exercise and then find somewhere cool to sit and drink water for about fifteen minutes. Then go back into the gym and train your next exercise. Repeat this process for as many exercises as you have planned for the day’s training. Your training session will end up being longer but the quality of your training will remain optimal throughout.

Lastly, do not spend an hour training one exercise. Warm-up in a cooler spot and then get to work. Even misses in this type of climate take a greater toll on you. When you are training in a really humid environment, allot yourself no more than twenty five minutes training the SN and another twenty five minutes for the CJ. You may feel like you want to train longer but don’t. As you get more acclimated to the climate you can then begin gradually extending your training times.