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Damn It's Cold

Training In The Cold
By Donny Shankle

The only thing worse the C&J doubles is having to train in a really cold gym. Warming up in a cold gym takes longer and grabbing the bar can sometimes feel like sticking your hand in a beehive. It’s easy to find the grit it takes to train in the cold on occasion. Yet, trying to muster this grit everyday is quite another challenge. The only thing you gain from training in a really cold environment is the extra back exercise you get from shoveling snow. It is not just the cold which can hamstring your training. The lack of sunlight during winter can also dispirit you. Trying to wear more layers is not an option either because you decrease your mobility. Your best strategy for training in the cold is to find someplace warmer. Unless the gym you train in is heated, move for the time being in preparation for competition. Of course, if you are from the north and have hardened yourself to this type of climate then great. However, I am willing to wager you will have a difficult time finding the group atmosphere required to ignite the attitude it takes to go after daily personal records. Especially if the gym you train in feels like a freezer. If you do not have the luxury to train in a warmer climate leading into competition, or if the gym you train at does not have adequate heating, then at least try putting in your heaviest training during the warmest hours of the day.