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Submit Your Entry Form Early
By Donny Shankle

Competition is not the only time you will lift at your best. The prospect of competing will also bring out the best in you. Knowing a competition is right around the corner is exciting. Without something to train for then what’s the point? Submitting your entry form early will not only put you in the mindset to work hard in training, but early entry will invariably keep you from making the silly mistake of trying to submit it too late and not getting to compete at all. I have made this mistake and in 2014 was not allowed to compete at the American Open because I was two days past the entry deadline. As frustrated as I was, the problem could easily have been redressed had I submitted my entry form on time.

After Competition Do Not Rush Back Into Heavy Training

By Donny Shankle

After you have competed, gradually work back up to the heavy weights you were lifting in training. Competition is demanding especially if you have won and lifted new personal records. Allow your body to slowly get accustomed to the tonnages you were lifting in training before attacking new PR’s again. It will not take long but move gradually. Working your way back up in training is even more important if you tapered leading into competition. Doing so will avoid injury and give you the chance to learn what you can do better the next competition. Take at least a week to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

Strength Is The Highest Standard

By Donny Shankle

There is nothing quite as boring as watching a weightlifting competition between weak adult men and women. Even if the lift is beautiful, who cares if there is barely any weight on the bar? There is no excitement in watching a weightlifter go through the motions on competition day. The compelling bit about weightlifting is watching the weightlifter lift overhead something very few people can lift at all. Trying to watch a weightlifting competition where strength is not the measurable standard is like trying to watch swimmers swim in a pool with no water. Nobody is going anywhere and everyone ends up looking ridiculous. Supers jocularly enjoy saying the entire competition is just a warm up until they go on. In a certain light this is very true but only if they too are lifting big weights. The highest standard to achieve is strength and this is true for all weight classes, genders, and levels.