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Q: How do I keep from getting dizzy after I clean?

A: Walk outside if you can in between attempts and get some fresh air. You can also try putting some eucalyptus oil or White Flower underneath your nostrils and behind your ears when you lift. If you need something a little stronger to clear your head, try sniffing smelling salts prior to lifting. You can also try increasing your folic acid intake with supplements. After you come out of your clean and move into the transition for the jerk, try giving a little yell. This will force you to breathe. Getting the bar off your shoulders for a half second as you are standing up from the clean will get the bar off your carotid artery. Practice doing this consistently every attempt and eventually you will get great at timing it perfectly. Getting dizzy could also be a matter of conditioning or strengthening the muscles around your throat. As you continue training this dizziness should lessen.