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Ease Up On Pulling The Day Before Heavy/Controlled Training
By Donny Shankle

Your weekly standard should include a heavy or controlled training session towards the end of the week. Refer back to chapter 7 for an explanation between the two. These training days are planned within the week to keep your mind and body in shape for competing. Weightlifting is not a hobby. Though it can be used as an excellent form of recreational exercise, it is a competitive sport. There is no mastering two things when you are trying to be great at one. Only one will become your endeavor. Those at the top of anything which require countless hours of repetition to become better know this. CEO’s, professional athletes, skilled tradesmen all know this. Heavy and controlled training sessions keep you sharp and ready to perform with the intent to compete always at the forefront of your mind. At the end of the day, you are a performer and your training should never lose sight of this. Use variations on the Snatch and Jerk especially the day before heavy/controlled training to get you moving fast. Combinations which remove the Clean are also an excellent choice on this day. The lifts can be done too but keep them light so you can concentrate on speed and footwork. There should be no heavy pulling on this day. Train diligently.


Tips For The Split Jerk

#6 - Avoid Cues Which Could Bring You Forward
By Donny Shankle

As you practice your Jerk, obviate any cues or thoughts which could potentially bring you forward. A successful Jerk is straight. The “Dip and Drive” should be in a straight line like you are trapped in a Smith rack. You stand a better chance of staying in a straight line if you do not think about bringing your lead foot forward or stepping out in front once you “Split”. This could potentially pull you forward during the “Dip and Drive”.  Once this happens, you lose the straight line. The lead foot should be aggressive but if you reach with it too far beyond the LOB you again risk being pulled forward during the “Dip and Drive” and “Split”. Instead, always think about bringing the rear foot back or getting the back knee down. Also, as you “Split” think about putting the bar over your ears or behind the head instead of pushing your head through. By practicing this way, your “Dip and Drive” will be straight.